Marketing Assistant

Location: Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

The Marketing Assistant is responsible for assisting in the coordination and execution of the marketing and customer service programs established by the company, in addition to:

A. Provide administrative support.

B. Perform telemarketing and sales functions in support of marketing and customer service programs, as required.

C. Compile and assist in the periodic processing of statistics, measurements, and management indicators of the company.

D. Obtain and prepare written information to include in the written media of the company, such as newsletters, magazines, electronic pages, social networks, among others.

E. Attend and guide customers who approach the company with general information about the company. Direct them to the relevant areas according to their needs and follow up on their satisfaction.

F. Attend and channel to the corresponding areas the investigations, claims and complaints issued by the company’s customers.

G. Monitor the Company’s website and social networks and ensure that the information needs presented in them by direct and/or indirect customers of the company are met.

H. Perform any other function assigned to the position.

I. Comply with the legal provisions, regulations and instructions related to the exercise of their function, as well as observe the Code of Professional Ethics.

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